Viewing Your Meetings

To view all of the meetings in your firm, just head to Click on the meeting to see more details.

In the detailed view you can see the status of any payments and answers to the pre-meeting questions. You can also cancel the meeting or draft a fee agreement.

Canceling A Meeting

Sometimes you can tell from the person's answers that they wouldn't be a good fit for your firm. Or perhaps you have a conflict that prevents you from helping them. Well instead of attending the meeting just to tell them the bad news, you can cancel the meeting right in ClientRock and send them a message.

If this was a paid consultation, you can also refund the payment right there instead of having to log in to LawPay.

Starting an Engagement From a Meeting

Once you've held your meeting, sometimes you want to jump right into a fee agreement. To draft your engagement letter, just click "Draft Engagement." Then choose the template you want to use and the type of client (New Individual, New Business, Existing Client) to draft the agreement.

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