All of your calendar settings can be managed from the Scheduler Settings page at

Let's go over the basics.

Adding Calendar Accounts

Most people these days have multiple calendar accounts. A personal calendar, a business calendar, maybe a calendar for a non-profit you work on. In the past, that meant having to create an elaborate web of shared calendar events just to maintain the correct availability in your scheduler.

Not any more.

With ClientRock, you're encouraged to connect your work account, your personal account, and any other account that you need in order to block off your time. Just click "Add calendar account" to add them, and then once you do, just select which calendar you'd like your ClientRock events booked to.

Your Default Calendar

When booking an event, we need to know which calendar to book it to. So just choose the calendar that works best for you:

Setting Your Availability

To set your availability, choose the calendars whose events you want to block your calendar with. And once you've done that, choose your site-wide availability.

This should be your broadest availability. We will never allow a time outside of the times you specify here, so if you have a Meeting Type that books on a weekend, for example, make sure that you also mark that as available here.

Conversely, if you never want a meeting on a Friday, you can block it off here instead of doing it on every meeting type.

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