What happens when I start an engagement?

The signing/onboarding process is specialized workflow that has 4 interactions which are shown on the page for that engagement as soon as you start.

  1. The first interaction is the Welcome Interaction. In this step, ClientRock sends each client contact an email that introduces ClientRock and provides them with a magic link that will log them in to the portal to move to the next step.

  2. When they click to log in, they'll be asked for their payment details in the Payment Details step. They won't be charged until they actually sign the fee agreement, though.

  3. Once the client has provided payment details, they'll be asked to sign their fee agreement.

  4. And finally, once all parties have signed, the system will convert the engagement to an active engagement, charge the client and let them into their portal., and you'll get a nice notification about your brand new paying client.

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