Drafting an engagement from scratch

The first way to create an engagement is to simple start an engagement within ClientRock. To do that, go to your engagements page and click the "New Engagement" button.

Next you'll have to enter the basic info required in order to create a client contact and draft the fee agreement. First, choose the Engagement Type you want to use:

Next, enter your client information. First choose if the client is a person or a business and then fill out their contact information. At minimum, we need their name and an e-mail address to start an engagement. You can add multiple clients (or points of contact in the case of a business client) to the engagement. Each contact will be required to sign the fee agreement and will have their own access to their portal.

And finally, make sure to attribute where this client came from so that ClientRock can surface metrics based on your various client sources. Soon you'll be able to see which client acquisition channels produce the healthiest clients. You can can choose from the available sources in the list, and if you want to change those sources, just send an email to [email protected] and we'd be happy to modify them.

Once you're done, click the Draft Engagement button, and ClientRock will generate a draft engagement and Fee Agreement for your review.

Drafting an engagement from a Meeting

A common workflow is to hold a consultation Meeting in order to qualify a client, establish whether they'd be a good fit for the firm, and provide an opportunity to perform background checks.

Once the meeting is over, you don't want to have to copy and paste all of that information into a new Engagement. Instead, ClientRock let's you draft the engagement right from the meeting overview page. Just click the "Draft Engagement" button, select the Engagement Type from the dropdown, and ClientRock will take care of the rest.

Drafting an Engagement Through Signup Pages

Starting a Drafted Engagement

Engagements start as a Draft. In this stage you have the ability to modify the fee agreement and the payment terms and otherwise prepare the engagement for the client. Here's what that looks like:

Set payment details

At this point, you may want to modify the standard payment details. This would happen if you want to charge a different price, offer a payment plan, change the initial payment amount or change the date that the client will be charged.

Edit the fee agreement

You can review the fee agreement and make any customizations at this point. As a reminder type '#' to open the list of available merge fields that we can automatically fill in for you.

Start the engagement

When you're confident that you have the engagement set up and the fee agreement saved, you can go ahead and click 'Start Engagement' to send your client the welcome message and get them signed up.

What happens next?

Check out our guide to the onboarding workflow.

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