Use a Form Request Interaction to have a client fill out a form, upload a document, or both.

Customizing your form request

Setting up a form is pretty easy. When editing a Form Request Interaction, you'll be able to add and edit questions as seen below. Simply click "Add Question" to insert a new question, and click the pencil icon to edit the question's label or type.

Field Types

The form is made up of a set of fields that can have the following basic types.

Single Line - For short answers

Multi Line - For arbitrarily long free-form text responses.

File Upload - For uploading files

Explanation Text - For just displaying useful information, instructions or context to the client

How long should my form be?

You can make your form as long as you'd like, but since you can usually string together multiple Form Request Interactions in a row, it's usually best practice to have less than 10 questions per form request, and break up the data collection into multiple form requests broken down into sections.

So for example, some Estate Planning intake forms can be HUGE. Instead of building one giant form, break it up into multiple requests along the lines of:

  • Client Information

  • Spouse Information

  • Children / Dependents

  • Property

  • etc

This keeps the client from getting overwhelmed, provides multiple save points throughout the process, and allows us to remind them to come back and continue if they fill out a few sections and then take a break.

Default Notifications

Form Request Interactions come by default with a 4 email sequence reminding the client to fill out the form. These emails go out 1 hour, 1 day, 4 days, and 7 days after starting the interaction.

As with all interactions, if you'd like to customize the cadence or the content of these notifications, just contact our support team at [email protected] and we'd be happy to assist.

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