Interactions, as the name implies, are the individual touch points you have with your client through the Portal. By taking the approach of breaking down common client-services workflows into small interactions, we can allow you to mix and match those interactions to deliver your services in a consistent, repeatable way.

Interactions come in three broad categories; interactions that require the client to perform some action, interactions that require you or your staff to perform an action, and interactions that are performed by the system itself.

We're always looking to add more interactions, so if you don't see one here that accomplishes what you need, let us know via the chat widget or an email to [email protected] and we can see about making it happen for you.

Client Interactions

Client Interactions are interactions that require the client to perform an action. Let's go over each type of Client Interaction. Click on the interaction title to learn more about setting up each one.

Acknowledge Terms Interaction - Get your client to agree to terms and keep a paper trail of their acknowledgement.

Form Request Interaction - Have your client fill out a custom form to gather information, request documents, etc.

Book a Meeting Interaction - Have your clients book a meeting with you.

Initial Payment Details Interaction - Gather payment details from your client.

Fee Agreement Interaction - Have your clients e-sign your fee agreement.

User Interactions

User interactions are interactions that require you or your staff to perform an action in order to complete the interaction.

Deliver File Interaction - Deliver a file to your client along with comments and feedback.

System Interactions

Welcome Interaction - Send your client a welcome message explaining the new portal and how to get started with your firm.

Conversion Interaction - Converts a contact to a paying client and activates an engagement.

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