Capabilities are actions that your clients can perform inside their portal. They look like cards that show up on their engagement dashboard:

These capabilities can be anything you want and come in three major types:

Custom link capabilities are great for giving your clients access to specific resources for their engagement. For example, you could use this type of capability to link to a welcome video, a collection of templates, or really any piece of content you want to give the client access to. In fact, some folks have used this feature as a way to charge for a library of DIY content that folks can get access to for a monthly fee.

Book a Meeting Capability

With the Book a Meeting capability, you can give your clients access to your calendar and do so on your terms. Want to create a specific meeting type that only clients can access? This is how you'd give clients access. They'll never have to re-enter their contact info or even leave the portal. The scheduler just pops right up:

Workflow Capability

Now we're getting into the real power of automating your client portal. With this capability, you can allow your clients to kick of any workflow you create, and ClientRock will restrict access based on their engagement's parameters. Want to give your clients 3 document reviews a month in a subscription? No problem! Just choose the workflow, and set the restriction. Now the client can start that workflow without any manual steps on your part.

How do you add capabilities?

Great question. Capabilities can be added in two places.

Adding Capabilities to your engagement template

The most common is to add the capability directly to your engagement type. That way, any future engagements of that type will come with the capability pre-loaded with no extra work from you. To do that go to Portal > Engagement Types and click to edit the engagement type you want to add. Scroll to the Capabilities section to add and edit those capabilities. For more information, see our Engagement Types guide.

Adding one-off capabilities to individual engagements

The second place to add a capability, is in the engagement itself. To access the capabilities, just go to the "Settings" tab inside of the engagement that you want to add it to:

Restricting Capabilities

Capabilities give your clients an amazing amount of power to help manage their engagement, but often times, that power needs to be restricted so that clients don't overwhelm the attorney or staff, and that they're adhering to the scope of work set out in their Fee Agreement.

You can set a total number of times a capability can be performed, and you can also specify if and when that number should be refreshed. In the example below, the capabilitiy will be allowed 3 times per month. You can set it to renew weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. If it's a subscription engagement, usually you'll match the refresh period to the subscription period (e.g. monthly for a monthly subscription.)

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