Connecting to PracticePanther

Connecting to your PracticePanther account takes just a few clicks. Click on your photo in the upper right hand corner, go to "Your Account" and then click on "Integrations" to access your integration settings. Or just go to

From there, you can just click on the "Connect" button to authorize ClientRock to access your PracticePanther account.

Connecting your intake forms to PracticePanther custom fields

Now that you've connected to PracticePanther, you can connect your intake form fields to PracticePanther custom fields.

To connect a form field to a PracticePanther custom field, go to the edit page for your form (Matter Types > Edit Form). Underneath fields that can be connected, you'll see a link that looks like:

Click on that link and choose the custom field you want to connect to. Afterward, you'll see a link indicator below linked fields that looks like:

It's that easy. Just a couple of clicks!

Add Additional Data to PracticePanther

Of you want additional information about your intake added to your PracticePanther matter so that you can access details right within PracticePanther, we do require a little bit of additional setup.

You'll want to add Matter custom fields for the following.

ClientRock Intake: This is just a convenient link from the PracticePanther matter back to the intake in ClientRock so that you don't have to go searching for an intake if you need more information

ClientRock Intake PDF: This is a link to a PDF version of the intake.

ClientRock Intake Start Date: This is the date the intake was opened in ClientRock.

Here's how to do that in PracticePanther:

Exporting Matters to PracticePanther

When you close an intake, and indicate that you'll be taking the matter, you'll be given the opportunity to export the intake to PracticePanther. From there, you'll be able to manage your matter in PracticePanther with all of the information right at your fingertips.

What information gets sent to PracticePanther?

Client contact - The first section of your intake will always be the client information section. The information the client enters here will be added to your PracticePanther matter as a Contact, and will be linked to the matter as a client.

Third party contacts - Any responses to personal information fields in your intake form will be added to PracticePanther as contacts related to the matter.

Custom fields - If you've linked any custom fields (see above) then the responses to those linked fields will be sent to the PracticePanther custom fields. From there you'll be able to take advantage of PracticePanther's document generation, using custom field values as merge fields.

(Coming Soon!) Calendar entries - Your consultation will be added to your PracticePanther calendar entries for the matter

Suggestions for improvements?

We're always looking to make our PracticePanther integration more powerful, so if you have an idea for an improvement that would make your job easier, then please use the chat button here and let us know!

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