Collecting consultation fees with LawPay and ClientRock takes just a few steps to set up.

Connect LawPay

The first step is to connect LawPay to your ClientRock account. To connect go to the integrations settings page (Account > Integrations.) From there, just click on the link to connect to LawPay.

Add Consultation Fees

Once you've connected LawPay, you can start charging for consultations. To set this up you need to set the fee you'd like to charge. These fees can be customized on a per-matter type basis.

To set the fee, click "Edit Settings" on any Matter Type and set a consultation fee:

Collecting Consultation Fees

Now that you have a consultation fee set up for that matter type, any time you start an intake of that matter type, the client will be asked for payment information. 

Here's what that will look like:

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