The magic link is how ClientRock keeps your clients' information secure, but avoids the hassle of requiring the client to sign up for an account, set a password, get locked out, etc.

Instead, when your client first starts an intake (or if they request a login link) they'll receive an email with a link that looks something like:

Underneath all of that is a link that looks something like:

When a client clicks on the link, they'll automatically be logged into their intake form. No passwords, no hassle.

In order to protect your clients' data in the case that years from now their email gets hacked, the magic link can only be used once. If the client wants to log into their intake a second time or from a new device they'll have to request a new magic link.

If a client needs to log in to their intake and need a new magic link, they just need to enter the email address on your ClientRock domain (e.g.

Once there, they'll see: 

Once the client enters their email address, they'll receive a new email with a new magic link. Easy!

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