You've got a potential client and it's time to start an intake. Here's how.

Since you always want to be at the ready when you have a new potential client, ClientRock makes sure you always have quick and easy access to the intake flow.

If you only have one Matter Type, you'll be taken directly to the Start Intake screen. If you have more than one, you'll see a dropdown with your most frequently used Matter Types available, and a dropdown for access to more infrequent Matter Types:

Once you've chosen a Matter Type, you'll be asked for the particulars of the intake.


If you have more than one attorney in your firm, you can select which attorney the intake should be assigned to.

Client Information

Provide basic contact information. At a minimum, ClientRock needs a name and an email address to start the intake. The client will receive a welcome email with details about the intake as well as a magic link they can use to log into their intake form.

Consultation Details

This section defines how you'd like to hold the consultation and will come pre-filled based on the defaults you set for the Matter Type. Sometimes things change though, so if you need to meet at a different location, or need to change a conference call number, you can do that here.

Consultation Date & Time

It's time to schedule the consultation. Pick a date and time that works for you and the client, and then...

Click 'Start Intake'

What happens next?

Once you've started an intake, your client will receive an email with a magic link that they can use to log in and complete their intake form, as well as some basic information about the process and what they can expect.

Then we wait for the client to submit their intake. As the consultation gets closer, if they haven't completed their intake form, ClientRock will send reminder emails about their intake as well as reminders about the upcoming consultation.

You can see the status of those reminders on the intake page:

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