Welcome to ClientRock! I hope this will be a quick and easy foray into automating one of the most "ugh"-inducing parts of your firm.

Let's provide a quick overview of what the ClientRock process looks like and then we'll dive into each one with more detail.

The intake process is broken up into 4 parts:

  • Booking - Every matter type has its very own booking page that you can use to let potential clients book their consultation without ever needing to contact the firm.
  • Intake Forms - Every matter type has its own customizable intake form. We have a number of templates that can get you started, but you'll be able to adjust it to match your particular needs. This form is sent to the client as soon as they book their consultation.
  • Automated Followup - Because it's rare that anyone sits down right away to fill out a form, ClientRock sends automatic email reminders to complete the intake form and to remind the potential client about the consultation.
  • Consultation and Closing - Once you've held your consultation and you've made a choice whether or not you'll be taking the client, it's time to close the intake. At this point you can forward all of that information to your case management provider if you're taking the client. And if you aren't, we'll actually send a non-engagement notice as an extra layer of CYA.

That's it at a high level. You provide a booking link via email, on your website, etc*, and your client can take it from there. All you need to do is show up for the consultation.

*You can also start an intake inside ClientRock if, for example, someone contacts your firm over the phone and you'd like to start a consultation that way.

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